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In Pandaria different factions sell patterns and plans for our professions. In order to have access to these patterns you’ll have to raise your reputation with these factions.

Here’s a list of factions and what they sell:

The August Celestials

At revered, Enchanters can buy 3 formulas with superior wrist enchants.

At Exalted, Tailorers can buy a pattern to craft a 28 slots epic bag.

The Golden Lotus

At honored, Tailorers and Leatherworkers can buy patterns for epic items, leg armors, leg spellthreads.

The Shado Pan

At revered, Enchanters can buy 3 formulas for superior weapons enchants.

The Klaxxi

At honored, Blacksmiths can buy plans for epic items, for living steel belt buckle, living steel weapon chain and others.

Order of the Cloud Serpent

At honored and revered, Jewelcrafters can buy designs that will allow them to craft some panther mounts.

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