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In the new continent of Pandaria, you can find the Horde PvP vendors grouped up on the big “Chinese Wall” called Serpent Spine that separates Kun Lai Summit from Townlong Steppes.

There is a flight master near their position on the wall, which is directly south and a bit to the west from Kota Basecamp in Kun Lai Summit. The flight node on the map is called Hellscream’s Fist. You can find all 3 vendors there, the Honor Quartermaster, the Conquest Quartermaster and the Glorious Conquest Quartermaster.

The Alliance PvP vendors can be found on the other side of the wall that separates Vale of the Four Winds from the Dread Wastes. There is also a flying master here, the location on the wall is exactly north (if you look on the map) from Stoneplow in Vale of the Four Winds, near the Paoquan Hollow, you can’t miss it.

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